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Linda J. Spencer is a visionary, a creator, a designer, a strategist, a connector, a transformer, and a writer who believes and inspires “in a world of abundance and infinite possibilities, NO ONE should have to struggle…you CAN have the life of your dreams!” 

Linda has been writing poetry since the age of 11.  Her early poetry was published in several anthologies, and after a ten year break in her mid-20’s to mid-30’s, she returned to writing, specifically inspirational pieces, with a goal of publishing her poetry to the world by the age of 40.  At 38, that goal was reached when she wrote for Sibyl Magazine:  For the Spirit and Soul of Woman for three years.    Linda now has four books in her head trying to get out, and hopes to publish at least one  collection of poetry in the next year.

Chocolate & Diamonds

Linda will be bringing her writing skills to this inspirational anthology for women. Release date September 13th.

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Chocolate & Diamonds for The Woman’s Soul – Coming September 13th

brings together many voices into a masterpiece for the ages. Each“Timeless Treasure” represents a diamond which has endured the test of time, the heat of transformation and the release of inner beauty to the world. When you read each story, allow yourself to be transported into the story as you walk a mile with a team of women who said YES to releasing their untold story. Chocolate brings in the richness and flavor of our anthology just as it does when young child sits with a cup of hot cocoa in a cold winter day

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Linda Spencer shown, Aug-Sept 2014 Issue

“Sybil Magazine” and “Sibella Poetry Magazine”

From 2011 to 2014, Linda J. Spencer was a Contributing Poet to to Sibyl Magazine, an online magazine filled with with inspiration, insight and creativity.

Excerpt from “Feeling”
(© Linda Spencer, 2011)
(Published in Sibella Poetry Magazine Dec2011/Jan2012  inaugural issue)

I give you faith
To dream and to believe
In all good things that you’ll receive.

I sense your joys
That you’ll know your whole life through
Just believe them to be true.

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